Saturday, 7 November 2009

Which dog are you?

Ashness bridge yesterday, low cloud and raindrops

I got a call this week from Cumbria Radio, asking if I would do a 'week in the life' I was major excited, what it involves is writing down in 130 words what I do in a 'Normal' day, so I've 5 of these to do and then go and read it in a studio in Carlisle. Now I've realised over the last few years that I  can run around like an headless chicken! and if asked what breed of dog does my personality resemble? it would be a bounding golden mad labrador, that runs around excited searching here and there for a ball that probably doesn't exist and eventually after lots of calling comes back to it's master, knackered! which dog breed are you?

So I've sat down this morning after
getting paper and studio ready for painting
cleaning the Kitchen
stopping myself from baking a cake
lighting the woodburner
answering emails
this was done all at once!
all the time thinking what shall I write about? what do I do!
So I Started and thought I'll count up the words I've put down already, 278!! I'm only allowed 130
So I've now realised my next 5 days are going to be short and sweet, and I must concentrate on one thing at a time and not get too excited or I will be hit round the back of the head with a frying pan like in the Tom and Jerry clips.

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