Thursday, 19 November 2009

Start on the Ark, Noah.

The met office was right, the weather has been horrible today  the last bad flood was in 2005 but I think this is worse. I cancelled my Christmas card workshop two ladies were stranded at home and when I nipped to the shop to get the mince pies I realised that it was just stupid to try and get to the hall most of the roads in and out of Keswick are shut due to floods. My poor friend Jason Chambers the photographer as been flooded and had to leave his house, we are lucky where we live (I hope anyway) and live on higher ground. Will keep you posted on the conditions, feel sad for everyone who's been flooded.

Sky Tv reporting on the flood Penrith road.

In the park, the new ticket and plant office.

Where you get the tickets for the launch and the holiday cottage.

Looking down Penrith road.

High Hill, should be named low hill! the river is coming over the wall here

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