Monday, 9 November 2009

Refelections at Ullswater

Ullswater this morning, I love the leaves in the water.

Which way up?

This is the right way up, totally AMAZING reflections I could have stayed all day photographing around the lake, but the top of the hill on the left was to be climbed.

1st icy tarn this Autumn/Winter

Angle Tarn with Angle Tarn Pikes in the background.
 I couldn't wait to get out on the hills.Waking to a frosty morning and pure blue skies perfect walking conditions .Armed with my trusty buffalo jacket and Seal skin socks guaranteed to keep you warm and dry on a Winters day.Driving along the shores of Ullswater I was itching to find a place to park, to capture the perfect reflections on the calm glass like lake.With Sandwiches, flask of tea and camera in hand. Leaving a frosty Hartsop we set off up the steep accent towards Angle Tarn Pikes,heading up the fell and into the warm sunshine. I  feel inspired when out walking and love painting wild mountainous scenery so the two compliment each other. Today was so peaceful, the light fantastic and colourful Autumn hues.On the descent  we were lucky to see a small herd of deer and only just made it back to the car before sunset.
1st stage of Ennerdale painting Acrylic on Fisher 400 paper, pastel on top tomorrow

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