Thursday, 12 November 2009

Radio ga ga

A different day to my normal, that's if my days are ever normal! Boots the Chemist was the 1st port of call, I'm sure stress and nerves bring on my allergies! Driving to Carlisle  to Radio Cumbria I was full of excitement and also that jitter feeling on a visit to the dentist! I was shown round the studio's which was quite a different view of the radio that I listen to. Then into the studio, starting to get a touch nervous now but Steven the radio wizz soon put me at ease, or nearly! 'Right Jane just read it out and lets see how we get on' ahhhhhhhhhh so with hands shaking and voice full of fear off I went. Guess what, it was great fun, and Steven Radio wizz seemed pleased and so the date for the 1st Jane Ward radio ga ga is Monday 23rd November 5.45 pm. Now doubt I'll keep you posted.


Nora said...

Well done Jane! By the way, I love the new slideshow that you've added at the side. Beautiful!

Dave from Keswick said...

Looking forward to hearing you on the radio. Good luck or should that be brake a leg ???

Lakeland art said...

Hey Dave, prefer good luck, no broken bones thank you!