Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Analogous colours

So back to 'The church in Newlands' I really enjoyed the challenge of painting this and looking at 
Analogous colours,  these are colours that lie next to one another on the colour wheel. 
I made myself a quick colour wheel using 3 primaries and then mixed each one approx 12 times with a little of the colour primary next to it. I then cut a shape out which showed the gap of 12 shades and one of the complementary.
I enjoy looking at the design and colour mixing and know there is so much more to understand, but do think it helps to give confidence to all kinds of painting.
I'm quite happy with my painting of the Church, but know there is loads wrong, it was a subject that I've not tackled for a long time, but I'm now looking forward to having another go. I also fancy having a go in pastels or even oils

I managed a quick painting en plein yesterday, with the weather milder it was a perfect introduction to 2012 outdoor painting sessions. It was a lovely section of river near Grange,  but best of all can you see the buds on the trees. I really felt inspired by the David Hockney programme this week and all it made me want to do is 'get out and paint'

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