Friday, 3 February 2012

Is a rusty old gate a painting? Or not

The freeze is starting, it's quite surprising how quick it happens, one day was all it took!
I don't think these are paintings, I like to think arty photographs!

Catbells in the distance with a dusting of snow on the top, I wonder if more is coming, the met office says 'yes'

Why do I like this old fence? Guess what, this is what I would like to have a go at painting!
Oil maybe or even watercolour, I like the cool and warm colours and the shafts of  light catching the Ochre grasses.But then you do think commercially 'bills need to be paid' who would want an old fence? If this inspires and you feel the need to paint it, just do it! One of my favourite Monet paintings is 'The Magpie' which is quite an unusual subject, I feel he was just inspired!
My number one painting critic has just looked over my shoulder, and declared 'Are you mad? what are you doing with a photograph of a scabby old gate covered in mess ( not quite his words, but you can guess!)
Umm............  Do I prove him wrong and make it a piece of art, or is he right


Bluebells and Lavender said...

I say paint it, someone is going to just LOVE it....Sharon

jane ward said...

Sharon, Thanks loads for the vote of confidence, I'll keep you posted