Tuesday, 21 February 2012

A painting holiday in France

Here is a little more information about Samoens Painting holiday in the French Alps. There are three places left just waiting to be filled by a keen landscape painter, be he or she a beginner or accomplished.
Sunday 2nd September, a transfer from Geneva airport taking just over an hour will find you at Chalet 365 Samoens, ready to enjoy a week of painting in stunning Alpine scenery. 
Each day spent in different locations, A waterfall, flower meadow, market scene oh and a breathtaking view towards Mont Blanc will all be captured. Evenings are always relaxed with meals in local restaurants,  bistro's and a couple of easy nights at the Chalet relaxing over a glass of wine.
So if you fancy coming along please get in touch for more details send me an email lakelandart@hotmail.co.uk

Chalet 365 Dinning area

Relaxing in one of the two lounges

An Alpine flower meadow 

Le Criou Samoens

Look forward to painting with you there

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Kay said...

now is when I wish I was rich! I hope you have a great event.