Thursday, 2 February 2012

Buying watercolour paper

I'm pleased to report that we still have beautiful if somewhat chilly weather here in the Lakes.
Driving down to Heaton Cooper for 'Arches paper' could not be more picturesque. Somehow I'm not sure why? But the mountains look more imposing and awesome with snow settled on their flanks!
Does a mountain have a 'flank you may ask! well the Definition is

1. flank, the side of an animal or a person between the ribs and hip.
2. flank, a cut of meat from the flank of an animal
3. flank the side of anything. I think we can include Mountains!!
4. flank the extreme right or left side of an army or fleet.

Getting back to my visit to Heaton Cooper, I had two quick artistic stops on the way, each one risked getting a parking ticket! But lady luck was on my side for once.
1st stop into the car park at the foot of Helvellyn, a quick jog to get the view below, I noted that if my hands were too cold for photographs, sketching was out today! Also the parking ticket was on my mind


Bright sunshine leading the way up Helvellyn

2nd stop of the day could not resist a peak at the Langdales, risked life and limb over the Grasmere/ Elterwater pass, but for some reason seeing 'a view' makes it nearly all worth while.

After the excitement buying the watercolour paper, I couldn't settle without a quick sketch. From Friars Crag the Jaws of Borrowdale takes some beating with the last rays catching a near Alpine glow.I never feel the cold while sketching it's always walking back, that images of hot chocolate come into my thoughts! 

The sun going down behind Catbells.
                    So the moral of the story 'go with for inspiration but don't get a parking ticket

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Kay said...

wow...such beauty...might be worth the parking ticket!!!!