Thursday, 9 February 2012

Six petals and a Choir boy collar trumpet.

Here is Daffs number four. It's not right nor not finished, but I'm hoping it's all good practise
Teaching on Wednesday these little beauties had centre stage. I started warming up on Tuesday, but after three failed attempts, it was not positive thoughts I had! Giving myself a severe shake, and declaring their charm I should not feel threatened by six petals and a choir boy collar trumpet!
I was delighted with my fellow artists paintings, as Spring  filled the room with Tulips, Iris, Daffs and Primroses.But I left feeling a touch deflated these little devils had got the better of me! The Daffs that is!
Back to the drawing board, and try another manoeuvre, and this is today's outcome. I've realised a few points!
1. Flowers are certainly a hard subject to master
2. Flowers, I feel need a slightly different approach to landscape painting.I did this in one seating trying to keep a wet in wet approach throughout.
3. Flowers don't answer back!
4. Rome wasn't conquered in a day.

But saying all this it really is joyful painting a still life

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