Monday, 6 February 2012

Watercolours on Derwent Island

Living on Derwent Island must be amazing, the views are superb from the gardens and the house.
It always feels an unbelievable special place, but I'm sure at times can be a little tasking on day to day life!
Clearing the ice to get to the car, you can see takes a little work!!
I'm delighted to announce a painting day on Derwent Island for July 21st.
For those that have been before I don't need to tell you how wonderful an experience it is.
Here is a little taste
We arrive at the private jetty and are taken across to the peaceful boathouse, with bags of paints and paper walking through the gardens to start the day with coffee and a guide of the house. At leisure we then find numerous painting locations and have great difficulty choosing where to start this wonderful day. One could be 'the Italian terrace, or garden, drawing room or simply beside the lake.......... I'm going to leave it there because I don't want to tell you everything or spoil the secret delights of Derwent Island.
Just get in touch quickly if you fancy coming on

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