Wednesday, 7 March 2012

How many sketch pads does an artist need

I thought Spring was on it's way, so was pretty surprised to see fresh snow on the mountain tops again.
But the warm sunshine soon melted those white snowy tops away. Here are a few photo's I took on a favourite bike ride around Derwentwater and into Newlands valley having a well earned stop at Grange. The colour of the river here is the most beautiful I have ever seen, and I never go by it without gazing at it's beauty. I'm looking forward to some painting here in April when I have a group of intrepid artists staying not faraway at the Scafell Hotel.

Grange in beautiful Borrowdale
Turning for Newlands valley and missing out Newlands Pass, I left that for Nigel to cycle up in preparation for his eight pass cycle ride in May.

 Dalehead in a distant pale blue.

I've a little trip coming up, so it's a change of scenery on the blog. 
With three sketch pads and two painting palettes and numerous brushes, pens and waterspray packed.
I think an artist can never have too may sketch pads! 
A small one which goes inside a pocket, a large square one for lots of pen and wash and a fabriano hot pressed pad which has Arches loose paper in the back!
I look forward to blogging soon from Samoens

Fancy joining my online watercolour course for more details 

The price is £55.00 for six individual projects with step by step and lots of  tips and techniques to make  watercolour painting easy.


Kay said...

you are right on the sketchpads. I buy one that I like anytime I have a bit of money to spend..I think I just like the looks!!! Beautiful photos

jane ward said...

I don't have a shoe or handbag fettish, just a sketchbook and book fettish Kay! It's murder walking by an artshop or bookshop and not going in.