Thursday, 2 September 2010

Pillar from Wasdale Inn a truly classic walk

A truly wonderful day in the Lakes, it began early in the morning waking up to the sun shinning brightly, lighting the east ridges of Great Gable with colours of warm ochres and soft pinks. Boots on,bags packed full of sandwiches, plenty of water and camera at the ready a classic walk began. Along beside the bubbling stream, and into the open empty valley with Herwicks, dotted about grazing quietly in the warm morning sunshine. With only gushing waterfalls to be heard making our way up the bracken and heather filled mountain pass, hot sunshine highlighting the emerald inviting pools. Along the ridge and old friends appear Gable, Blencathra, Kirk fell and Scafell all basking contentedly in a cloud free blue sky. Near the top and views one cannot buy bring overwhelming tears of pure joy and pure happiness. Colours, shadows, shapes,drama and memories will all help to paint these marvellous fells, will it be Pastel, Acrylic I doubt that watercolour can do it justice. So after four mountain  tops along classic ridge paths with views of Lakes, Wild Tarns, and a sandy beach leading into a calm turquoise sea  through to the mountains of Isle of Man. Meeting a few happy walkers who all declared what a fantastic day was to be had, it was time to make our way down the steep scree, slipping but safely returning with tanned skins and a wonderful memories.

I hope to post very soon paintings from this glorious day.

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