Wednesday, 8 September 2010

New Look Web Site

Beautiful weather in the Lakes today but I've had my nose to the keyboard for nearly a week, rebuilding and re decorating the web site we have some lovely new photo's hanging on the walls, New Dates for courses and a new venue, so why not take a look, I hope you like the new colour scheme. I can now leave the keyboard and with an order from Ken Bromley coming my way some new Autumn colours to play with. I've also got the New very exciting art bag ordered from it was a case of should I should'nt I? The old one might do! Is it extravagant! But then I thought oh bug...... 'I need it'
I'm pretty positive I'm not the 1st woman to say this about a bag!! But it's not gold and glittery, well it is actually it's 'Antique Gold' and it's 'The Matthew bag"

Italian Ladies deciding over which bag, I wonder who if not all of them bought one!!

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