Sunday, 19 September 2010

Packing my bag

Spent the day getting ready for this weeks course in Grasmere, with rain most of today not good en plein weather! But watching the weather tonight on 'Countryfile' my hopes of an Indian Summer from Monday until Thursday looks quite possible!! Usually I pack my bag on the morning of the course, but couldn't wait to see how my new 'Matthew' bag from would look. Has you can see, I've got a decent size pad of Arches, a pocket either side for Brushes and on the other side camera tripod and  paint palette ( in a plastic bag, I don't want any leaking paint!) Sketch book in front and loads of room for an extra jumper,sandwiches and small stool. Having a zip at the front makes easy access. I can't tell you how lovely and soft it feels.

 Two pockets on the front, one is idea for the Coffee Cup.Two more on either side perfect for the secret Chocolate stash, the secret to a great outdoor painting is keeping the sugar level high.
Here's what I'm hoping for over the next few days for my troupe of artists. Sunshine, shadows and Blue skies.

Grasmere Shore with Helm Crag in the distance also know locally as 'Lion and Lamb'

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Akwarelia said...

Have a nice weather for painting, Jane! And good luck. :)