Tuesday, 28 September 2010

In the footsteps of the masters

Having a bus man's holiday in the South of France, I'm on the trail of Maitisse, Renoir and Picasso. Cycled into St Tropez I've never been to this part of France before so was excited and wondered what the jet set lifestyle would be like. We are travelling in the campervan so no luxury yaught for this artist! Was pretty impressed with the tiny port of St Trop, loved the pastel coloured buildings and the light is just fantastic, but not as keen on the pristine models and poodles. This small town was made famous by artists coming to visit in the early 19th century and you can understand why with the lovely weather, pretty squares with quite fantasic shadows under pines and old men watching games of bouilles it had all the qualites for an oil painting.
So making our way up the coastal road to Freyus and onto Cannes, and Nice to find Renoir's home and the church where Maitisse worked his powers of colour.

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luigi said...

Sono passati quasi 20 anni da quando ho potuto visitare la Costa Azzurra e la Provenza, un sogno che coltivavo da tempo e che mi ha dato bellissime soddisfazioni. Colori e luce, il mare e la costa, i piccoli paesi attaccati alla montagna, panorami stupendi e splendidi fiori e vestigia antiche. Bellezza e arte in ogni luogo. Ciao e buona domenica.