Tuesday, 31 August 2010

High Raise and Rest Dodd

Bank Holiday Monday in the Lakes found us up on the fells bagging these 'Wainwrights' the 1st top another 'High Raise' there are two! The other in the Landales but ours today was the 'High Street High Raise'
If you look carefully at the photo above the small knobbly hill in the middle is in fact ' Great Gable'. I know this because one of the joys about walking the 'Wainwright' is taking the books along with us and sitting having lunch at the top and reading what the great Alfred had to say about the 'Summits' and his sketches from the top cairn give details of surrounding fells. It is amazing on a clear day how far you can see.
If you also look closely at the photo you will see a mountain biker!!
Even though it was bank holiday the fells were fairly quiet, but you can imagine my surprise to see a pony 2,300 feet high, I think this makes a lovely photo shot. But in olden days they used to race pony's on the summit of 'High Street'
The other top of the day was 'Rest Dodd' but we decided to have our 'Rest' here with a beautiful view down towards an emerald Brotherswater. The only thing about this was making our way STEEPLY, hanging on for dear life onto the bracken, now I call a 'Scramble' one when your hands clutch the ground, this was a scramble!
But down we came in one piece, and a lovely day in the Lakes, with Sunshine for company. 

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Christine's Arts said...

wow you've got some fantastic photos and great writing too.