Monday, 6 September 2010

Lodore Falls Hotel

I went proper sailing on Friday evening, it was something I wasn't really excited about, but looking forward to spending the evening sailing on Derwentwater with friends. But isn't it fantastic when you do something new that you really enjoy, I was in charge of the 'Hudder' I think it's named and spelt this way but not sure! Now would you put someone who doesn't know right from left in charge of a sailing craft!! Adrian our Captain just kept shouting 'head for Catbells Jane' and then, more excitement and challenges the sail went up. ' Feel the wind Jane and keep sailing into it' at this I had no idea but just kept moving the Hudder, but what absolute great fun. So we sailed on Derwentwater and moored next to this boat ( see below) getting on and off was a laugh especially with 'Bex's who had the handbag filled to capacity with everything a woman would need, but we managed and made our way to the Lodore Falls Hotel' I can't believe that all the time in Keswick this was my first visit. So after a slight appetizer, Dusk had fallen and darkness was nearly all about we made our way sailing under the starlight sky back to Portinscale. So today because I was so taken with Lodore Falls Hotel, I've been back to meet the manager, had a good look round the gorgeous rooms, fantastic Indoor and outdoor Pool and amazing gardens with stunning views over Derwentwater and we have a 'Lakeland Art Course taking place next year at this fantastic location. I'm updating the web site at the moment and hope to have all details on by the end of this week
 Here's a quick link to the hotel the  date will be Monday 18th until Friday 22nd July 2011

Sunset over Skiddaw


our shabby cottage said...

How wonderful Jane! It sounds like you had a great time. I had a boyfriend who worked at the "Lodore Swisse Hotel" as it was known then (back in '95) and hated it!! the staff accommodation was...very undesirable. I bet it would be better now though, I hope!!!

jane ward said...

Hey Kathryn, I did'nt check out staff accommodation but everywhere else was all newly refurbished,shame it's not called Swisse anymore I can remember that too.