Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Quinacridone Gold

Did you know that 'Autumn' officially begins in Britain this year on 22nd September! I think it's a week early here in Keswick, strong winds, leaves turning to hints of gold, brambles ripe for picking and wonderful light. Much better for painting, I was reading somewhere that only the months containing the letter 'R' make a good landscape painting in the UK ! and I must admit I do find it a tiny bit difficult searching for subjects here in the Lakes in August. A bit too much Green. So I ordered some paints the other day and included a few warmer Autumn shades. Today I used just Quinacridone Gold with Permanent Rose, Cobalt and Winsor Blues and was very pleased with it's mixing ability. STOP PRESS 'sales of Quinacridone Gold sell out! But too all my students/artists that are coming up to Grasmere next week for 4 days of lovely painting there's going to be an Indian Summer taking place in Cumbria Starting Monday 12 noon and finishing Thursday 23rd Sept, I'm sure Quinacridone is going to find a place in my palette.
A few reasons why
1. Transparent, a big plus in a watercolour
2. Is a good mixer, dark Greens with Winsor Blue, Oranges with Permanent Rose, bright light Green with just a hint of Winsor Blue and it's lovely by itself.
3. Didn't go muddy
4.Layered well and gave good depth, good for tonal work.

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