Tuesday, 4 May 2010

How to keep artists warm when painting en plein

You never know what's going to catch your eye, or inspire other artists, but this beautiful sun lite tree did on Monday. I think what helped was the old stone wall disappearing out of the picture, but it is a lovely Spring scene, and considering it was Bank Holiday in the Lakes, nobody came to observe what we were trying to capture or give advise!!
Driving past Thirlmere with mirror glass reflections, I hoped by the time I'd rounded up my flock of artists and made it to the shore of Rydal that smooth ripples would not be replaced with 'White Horses' But we made it there and what a view and so many pretty shades of Green and Cobalt blue sky.

The leaves are out in all their glory, I tried out a new colour today 'Green Gold' it mixed to just the right bright Spring Green with a touch of Winsor Blue and guess which tree it was used on?

But perfection does not last forever! The cold northerly winds blew gustily down the lake and froze all artists fingers. The mention of  Hot Chocolate with all the trimmings to revive, was enough to encourage  artists into the tearoom. How many Bags, easels and stools were left behind in the mad rush to get the Hot Choc!

Luck was on our side, or maybe mine! the sun came out, the wind died down and we all settled down to a paint a picturesque waterfall.

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Kay said...

fun post..love the art paraphanalia on the sidewalk!