Friday, 7 May 2010

Mother Nature holds the Painting Brush!

Somethings you can't order or organise for a painting holiday or buy! This is one of the reasons why I keep pretty flexible, I can't order Blue sky everyday, I wish I could, but we would never mix those lovely greys nor can I order these graceful Deer's to prance by the studio window!

I've waited for months to see some buds or even leaves appear on the trees and out they all come at once.
And so the rain came when we sat down to paint beside the riverbank, and the watercolours got extra natural dampening, but they were all rescued and what wonderful and exciting shapes appeared. While sitting in the damp drizzle what lifts all spirits? The 1st Cuckoo singing right on cue!
A hidden corner of Dora's field, the famous piece of land owned by William Wordsworth where the planners refused him permission to build a house.
After a month thinking that there was no way my troupe of artists would see a single Bluebell flower, what joy it was to smell the Bluebells and see a carpet full of flowers, again something I can't order or buy, Mother nature is the one to ask!

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