Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Isle of Man on 2 wheels with sketchbook

I've never been to the Isle of Man but after seeing an advert about it, thought it would be a great place to cycle round!!! It's only 90 miles round, and with an overnight stop half way, it  should be an adventure! Now my predicament is which shoes and  sketchbook  can I fit into the panniers and can I get a paperback novel in as well as three days clothes? And then it's up to me to peddle my way around the Isle. Fingers crossed for no strong winds and calm sea's with it been a 3 1/2 hour crossing. Look forward to telling you all about it and sharing some sketches.

I've heard they have cats with no tails, and sheep with four horns and red necked wallabies, so will be keeping a watchful eye on the wildlife


Kay said...

have a great time! looking forward to seeing sketches of Isle of Man red wallabies..:)

d40 said...

Jane, I think you should take your red shoes..... have a great time and do plenty of sketches.
Sue and I fancy a trip over to the "Island" so we'll be watching your blogg with added interest.

PS Thought your exhibition was great and your new acrylics are stunning.