Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Artists walk, Derwentwater

This is my frequent walk or sometimes run down to the lake it's about a 3 mile circuit. Walking down the old bridleway covered in wild flowers towards Borrowdale. After a mile you reach a road take a right and the view above greets you. There's an old gate to lean on and take in the view down the field under the pretty copse of trees and on towards the Jaws of Borrowdale. Late afternoon and the shadows are just perfect. I think this would make lovely Oil.
You've walked down the road to a gate on your right. Walking through this small wood keep a watch on your right for Deer and also water forget me nots, there can be some big puddles down here if we've had a few days of rain. Walk over the little bridge and a field of wild flowers is on your right with a glimpse of Blencathra through the trees. I like the way you can see the light in the field which turns the it into a lovely acid lemon.I fancy doing this in pastel.

Now we arrive at my favourite lake, this 200 metre stretch to Friars Crag is probably the most scenic. From here we can see Catbells with wonderful late afternoon shadows and again peeping out is Newlands valley. I find Catbells quite a difficult mountain to paint, I think because it is full on and very long!But if you take a look down the lake towards the Jaws of Borrowdale soft mountain shapes and tones come into artists eye.

A slender tree with not an inch of fat, run round and make a wish.

Here we have a classic, the famous Friars Crag I've painted here many times, portrait and landscape but maybe a square format could work? Pastels, Oils and watercolours could be used on these shapely trees. But remember don't put all the fence in leave a gap to get through the painting. A couple of birds can work too leading you through.

On the way back you take another right at the Mountain rescue base to see the glorious Skiddaw with it's purple coat of Heather in August. Skiddaws shape comes alive in the late evening light.

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Paula Ann Ford said...

Such beautiful photos!