Saturday, 22 August 2009

What a week

The mouth is healing, still not chewing on a steak yet but maybe next week. Went to Betty's yesterday to celebrate the stitches coming out and managed a tasty quiche, and took home to Cumbria a curd tart, we can't buy them in Keswick. A friend asked on Tuesday night if we would like some tickets for the U2 concert on Thursday? I am a big fan, so forgot about the sore mouth, jumped up and down and sank till I was hoarse here's a link it was fantastic, I've seen them a few times and if anyone out there knows if 'Bono' would like free watercolour lessons then please let me know.
We just had one little hiccup getting back to the car park about 11.15 we managed to get out at 1.45pm with still a two and half drive home. But eh ho it was a great night. So what with dentist trip, new fish, U2 concert ahhh and my new little baby sat on my lap! I've got a shiny new netbook, so I will be able to blog away from home more and look after my online course students.That is if I can find wireless! Next week I am hoping to get some painting done, the heather is looking at it's best so hope to get up Walla Crag.

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our shabby cottage said...

Wow, you have had an eventful few days Jane! I love U2 too! I went to see them in Melbourne way back in 1993 (I think it was) on the ZooTV tour! 5th row seats - amazing! Glad to hear you eventually arrived home safely!!!
I hope the steak isn't too far away.