Monday, 24 August 2009

Thank you

Where would we be without friends and partners that help, when problems arise! My computer and web site decided it would throw a wobbly and after a few days of struggling along, I gave in and called my web genius friend to shout help.After an hour he had it back on track so thanks to Mik I now have my new dates for next year on . Another thank you is to Jason at After my camera broke in Italy I still had 250 photo's on the memory he kindly downloaded them. So now I can share my thank you to Nigel . I like to wash my palette in the Lake, It is only watercolour so shouldn't kill any fish! I find it 'at one with nature feel' BUT when I did this in Italy my four blue pans somehow disappeared into the lake!! What would I do with no blue!! A girl can't paint in Italian Lakes with no Blue. So thank you Nige for putting your goggles on and finding my blue paints in a blue Lake!!

'Why did you wash them in the Lake? Where do you think that they went!'
'I can't see anything' Nige says 'maybe feel them with your toes' says Jane
''What am I looking for, Can't see a thing' Four blue pan sets about 2 inches big, get your goggles on'

After half and hour four blues were reunited with four yellows and a few pinks!!


richbos said...
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d40 said...

Its good to have friends, especially ones that will look for your paint :-}
Nice little story Jane