Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Painting rain showers in watercolor

With my band of intrepid artists covered in sunscreen, big sun hats and sandals off we went for a day painting on the shore near Keswick. Catching the sun rays while we waited patiently for the launch to arrive and take us scenically to our first location. We soon found base camp and set up our stools, grabbed pencils and paper and ready to capture a view .It started well, but soon cardigans were pulled out of bags followed by scarfs and coats. The wild August weather didn't stop them from creating in 2 hours masterpieces. After a quick Coffee and Big date slice, all calories are lost on a 'Lakeland art course' due to paint mixing! So with energy levels high off we went over to Crowe Park for a quick hours paint and sketch. Ten minutes after setting up camp the rain clouds moved in bright mountain scenery was replaced with tonal grey mountains. Half of my intrepid gang legged it back to the shelter underneath the Theatre while the brave others battled with the elements.The rain is coming! Here is Lucy her first ever day of watercolours.

The rain, It's very near!
One of the joys about been in the Lake District is weather watching, you can see it approach and then it's upon you and within a few minutes the sun is out again, or maybe an hour!!

This is the demonstration piece I did in the rain and in between the showers.

Here is Sue, a real artist she was the last to come undercover and got a round of applause.


The Straggler said...

cracking photos very atmospheric

Dave from Keswick said...

Good watercolour demo, another nice painting. Great photos you've really captured the misty atmosphere.