Tuesday, 25 August 2009


I was asked to paint the Langdales for a 40th birthday present. We decided what season and medium, late summer early Autumn and in pastels. So off I went down the valley to find inspiration and a decent view. Not too hard with those classic mountains Bowfell, in the background and the Langdales in all their glory.It's quite nerve wracking when you hand over the commission. When someone buys a painting in a gallery it's because they like it usually! But with a commission I do like to think of where the painting is going and who to, it is usually more of a struggle with sweat and tears! I once painted a cricket game without meeting the team or seeing them play.Luckily I have a couple of cricket advisor and I know they will be happy with a certain score!!

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d40 said...

This painting is stunning. I love the way you've "tweaked" the colours to make a dramtic scene even more dramitic