Friday, 31 July 2009

Rydal Water painted in pastel

Misty morning, Rydal Water
Pastel on glass paper by Jane Ward
Really enjoyed getting the pastels out again, it's been awhile, but with all those gorgeous new colours to choose from it was great.I used to paint mainly with pastels but I've been trying out new techniques with watercolours and they are much cleaner to use! The immediacy of a pastel painting can give real confidence in your work.
Just been for my little run down to the lake, just to check it's still there! The sun was shining and there was lots and lots of puddles to negotiate. I saw a couple of butterflies landing on wild flowers a young girl smiling into her mobile phone and a old man showing his granddaughter the circles inside a tree stump. All these things made me feel happy, even though I was feeling knackered ( from the running)


our shabby cottage said...

You know I am no expert Jane, but I think there is real knack of making water look "wet" and you certainly have achieved it here. I feel as though I could dip my hand in that water and it would be soaked! It has turned out beautifully.

jane ward said...

Hey Kathryn, That's lovely of you to say, I am pleased with it myself and sticking to a limited palette helped. It's a lovely evening here in the Lakes by the way.Hope you are enjoying good weather down under