Tuesday, 18 August 2009

A fish is for life too!

I've had quite a traumatic last few days, I don't enjoy having any work done at the dentist. I'm quite happy seeing Steve my dentist for the last 29years! But when he told me I had to have one of my back teeth out, and he may break my jaw,the tooth might snap or worse, I was dreading 11am Monday morning. Anyway to cut along toothache short it came out eventually and to mine and Steve relieve in one piece. Mind today I do feel very delicate and have found the way to ease the pain with 'Ben and Jerry Chocolate Ice Cream' I am a big baby when it comes to pain. But Steve gave me this certificate for been a good girl. The dentist is a 160 mile round trip but was worth every mile when I great confidence in someone who is yanking with what felt like pliars my big back tooth. So on the way home we dropped in at the pet shop and I bought myself a new goldfish, I would have liked a puppy or even a rabbit but a fish can be left for days on end!

I've named him 'Jaws' after my traumatic day! He's the little golden one, Spike is the black one!


our shabby cottage said...

Your certificate is hilarious Jane - but I'm sure the pain is not! Well done!

d40 said...

You brave lady, 160 miles to go to the dentist is not an easy journey! I do like JAWS though, better keep an eye on hubby just in case he has a bad days fishing :-}

jane ward said...

Thanks for the comments this week, the mouth is getting better, think it's thanks to my great dentist and Ben and Jerry.Your right d4o!it's the only fish that Nige has seen this season!