Sunday, 27 September 2015

Hydrangeas and foxgloves in watercolours

Next doors Hydrangeas kept grabbing my attention when I walked by.
I thought they would make a great watercolour subject, so Saunders Waterford 200 lbs paper was taped down, masking fluid was loosely painted in with a colour shaper. Then the fun began, Opera Rose, sung, lemon yellow zinged and Cobalt turquoise and Blue did the lead in. All wet in wet.

When the paint was dry the masking fluid was gently rubbed away. A few pencil marks showed the way, lots of negative shapes helped to bring positive flowers into full bloom.

The joy of watercolours, I feel is never quite knowing and letting the painting dictate.

Hydrangeas in watercolours 

I enjoyed my flower experience so much, the Foxgloves demanded I have a go.
 With just a few more blooms to paint 

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