Friday, 21 August 2015

Summertime Pastels

Derwentwater painted in Pastels
 Fisher 400 paper

Summertime Fells, Derwentwater
Painted in Pastels
Fisher 400 paper
Delighted with a massive capital ' D 'to see my article about Pastels in this months 'Leisure Painter ' magazine. One of my favourite mediums and probably my favourite Lake.
I've realised that I do paint the seasons as they pass by. The colours that inspire me everyday help to bring the paintings to life. It also helps to paint things you love, I feel that these precious feelings help to give a plain piece of paper some meaning.
I've painted now daily for around fifteen years, you would think that I would be all 'painted up' and looking for new inspiration. But for those that paint, you'll know ideas are endless, and time is the culpit. I do often run around with many ideas popping in my head to be painted.
I will keep you posted with the new Pastel Online course due to begin in September.

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