Friday, 9 October 2015

Roses emerging in watercolour

I'm really loving painting floral subjects, especially in watercolours. The fragility and pure beauty of flowers seems to lend itself to this gorgeous medium. Working with a limited palette really does help with colour mixes.
No pre sketching and the subject naturally evolve, before the eyes.Mind it is total concentration, with wonderful wet in wet. No hairdryer, just a touch of masking fluid.
I'm letting it dry now and will rub the masking fluid off and return fresh and ready for action tomorrow.
I have a floral watercolour course organised for next Spring ideal for those who love watercolours, flowers and been inspired. It's based in Grasmere at the Glenthorne from Monday 21st to 24th March 2016 with lots of indoor studio based demonstrations and workshop and some outdoor painting locations to see the famous Lakeland Daffodils.

Fancy painting in watercolours
Six project course with personal feedback on each project


Julie Ford Oliver said...

Watercolor has a magic about it - especially under your magic touch.
These are so beautiful. Did you remove the masking fluid and do more on it?

Jane Ward said...

Thank you Julie for your kind comments, I did remove the masking fluid, but not quite got the magic I was hoping for!!!Back to the drawing board