Thursday, 8 October 2015

Sunflowers in watercolours

Sunflower Day

Painted in Watercolours

I'm really enjoying working on the Saunders Waterford paper for a change. It reacts in different ways to the Arches. The Sunflowers were shouting to be painted, after one failed result. I attacked with a calm and open mind or Brush!! In fact I mainly used a flat synthetic brush for most of the painting. 

It started with  dampened paper, I added weak washes of paint, moved the board around. Stronger values were added along with sprinkles of salt and sprays of fine water. I painted it all in one wet in wet sitting. No hairdryer, just a cool room letting the paint softly merge together.

Gosh it was fun. I wondered about more detail?
But the brush has been laid down and the artist is happy with the outcome :-)

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