Thursday, 27 August 2015

Lakeland Sketchbook

A few photographs from a damp day in the Lakes.
 You may think it's not as inspiring as a glorious sunny day. Students often feel deflated when they see the rain and think I am crazy taking them out on location, but I think it can be much more dramatic and certainly atmospheric.

So here I sat, just out of the gale force wind, blowing fiercly down the lake. The Launch had been cancelled due to adverse conditions. I had to hold onto everything and time was the essence. But how uplifting it is to paint against the weather, it was just a quick sketch, and so enjoyable. Not quite a Turner and fastened to the mast, but I do love to see wild conditions rather than a Blue sunny day. Mind there is nothing quite like sitting in the warm sunshine with the lake gently lapping at your feet!

Not Sunflowers! Fancy having a go at both of these with a watercolour base and a little pastel.
I'll keep you posted.

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