Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Artists that stay positive

Well I've set myself and the Wednesday Monthly group a real challenge tomorrow.
What can I say, Venice!
Angles, reflections and boats, but I know my trusty artists will conquer!! They are a positive possie.

I'll let you know how we get on.


bluoso said...

Davvero la sfida è grande, di fronte ad una città di straordinario fascino ma che fa venire le vertigini appena tenti di 'metterla' sulla carta. Però è bello il tuo entusiasmo, darà stimolo al tuo gruppo. Buoni colori, allora, e ci farai vedere i risultati. Ciao. Luigi.

jane ward said...

Indeed the challenge is great, in front of a city of extraordinary charm, but it makes you dizzy just trying to 'put' on paper. tue it's beautiful, your enthusiasm will stimulate your group. Good colors, then, and we'll see the results. Luigi
Many thanks Luigi
It was very difficult but the students di extremely well, the teacher now needs to practice more!