Monday, 28 March 2011

Bownessie sighting

I had a trip down to Bowness at the weekend and the weather was just delightful. I couldn't resist a couple of quick sketches on the quiet shore of Windermere. The water was very still and with soft shades of Blue. But sitting sketching listening to the woodpecker, you can imagine my gasps when a slither of dark emerges across the Lake, I watch and wonder with eyes wide 'Is this 'Bownessie' the monster of Windermere?'

What do you think!!

I reckon these hardy fishermen might know more?
If you look closely at the name of the boat it's called ' Pike r us'


Dave from Keswick said...

Most interesting, Jane. The bit of the "monster" you've photographed looks like the dorsal fin of a (poorly?) dolphin/porpoise. I know its in fresh water, but maybe these animals can survive in Windermere!
Well captured though, I just love your observations.


Dave from Keswick said...
Just had to tell the world about your Blog, hope you don't mind Jane?