Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Pastel with Acrylic underpainting Demo

Stage 1

Grey skies in Keswick after a beautiful sunny day yesterday, but I didn't mind too much and lost myself in a warm Italian landscape. Fisher 400 paper was attached to a board and I roughly sketched the buildings with a soft pencil. The Acrylics came out of the cupboard, Cerulean, Cad yellow light, Cad Red and Winsor blue was used for the dark greens. Then a secret weapon 'Buff Titanium' an unusual colour that I find mixes well with all shades and can help with harmony!Some darker shades of Greens, Ochres and touches of Red were popped into the foreground.
Stage 2
With Acrylics bone dry it was time for the Glorious pastels and with lots of bright colours jostling for space off we went.

Stage 3
Pastels are applied to bring out the lights (hopefully) and add a little detail. Letting the painting work itself and standing back often to see where it's going.
Stage 4

With sore fingers from a touch to much rubbing, you don't get that with watercolour!! It's time to rethink
and see how it's going in a few days with fresh eyes.


Kay said...

fun to see your process!

Shelley Whiting said...

Your colors are very bright and vibrant. Beautiful and fantastic artwork.