Thursday, 7 April 2011

Painting waves

I'm inspired by waves at the moment, the colours from Dark Prussian blue, Transparent Turquoise ending with Opaque creamy Turquoise. But I wonder like a waterfall, is another sense kicking in 'The sound of crashing waves' now that is difficult to paint!! I also wonder can it be done in watercolour, I think so but it needs maybe to be more atmospheric and dramatic, But and a big but there is no way I'm going to do what 'Turner' did and fasten myself to the top of the rigging on a boat. A harbour side cafe will be just fine!!

There really is nothing like painting en plein and trying to capture waves in quick small studies is great fun. Straight in with watercolour, and loved the freedom of not sketching with a pencil beforehand, I had wondered what colours to use to get that gorgeous milky blue, and been on the spot Naples Yellow and Transparent Turquoise seemed just right.


Dave from Keswick said...

Jane, I'm really looking forward to seeing which colours you've decided on for these beautiful images.


jane ward said...

Not easy Dave, a selection of Blues I think and maybe a touch of Viridian thrown in, not sure about Permanent Rose though!