Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Inspirational cycle ride

Cycled all the way to Watendlath today, why I say all the way? I never got off and walked and there sure are plenty of up hills.What a lovely cycle ride and these little ladies were waiting at the top. With the famous tea room shut this tiny beautiful hamlet was very quiet.

I've had the pastels out again this week for another famous Lakeland bridge. It's been such a joy painting in this medium. With the weather  bright and dry it's much easier to capture in Pastels then Watercolours.

Now I said I didn't walk, but I did stop a couple of times, especially when I say these guys.
Not sure I've mentioned the story about the 'Tourist' who complained about a Borrowdale Farmer who was hurting his Cows! 'They had bandages around their middles' !!!

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