Monday, 7 March 2011


It's been beautiful sunshine in the Lakes the last few days. A trip to Hawswater on Sunday for two Wainwrights. This is a quiet part of the Lakes free from tourists and the maddening crowds. But driving into the small village of Bampton we were surrounded by 500 runners all on their 1/2 marathon to the end of Hawswater, exactly where we were starting the walk. If you look closely at the road above the silver car you can see runners for miles!! Which we passed, I smiled encouragingly at them all but especially the two men that were doing the three legged , which we did pass again on the way home, and boy did they look jiggered.

Clear Blue skies, I think Cobalt?

On the way down after topping  Branstree and Sellside Pike, now why did it not registrar how steep this was? It was all that Blue sky! But it was certainly very steep on the way down, but it gave me plenty of time to reflect on the Damming of this beautiful valley. Which is described beautifully in 'Hawswater' by Sarah Hall.


This photo was taken as a' STOP THE CAR I NEED TO TAKE ANOTHER PHOTO'

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