Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Windermere Mooring

Windermere Mooring watercolour by Jane Ward

This is the better part of my demo piece this morning, with just three colours Cobalt Blue, Permanent Rose and Yellow Ochre. When I first started teaching watercolours years ago, I did a similar scene with Boats and reflections and I do not know much about boats and in the class of course there was a yachtsman! Well it's taken me a while to pluck up courage to tackle a demo on these floating objects! Well I got in wrong again!! I turned one of the boats in the opposite direction thinking it was compositionally better. But instead to be kindly told this time 'you can't have one boat facing that way it wouldn't happen'! Well after that all correct descriptive jargon for a boats parts went out the window. But I felt we all had a good painting session, and I did learn what a 'Boon is!!

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Kay said...

well you know more about boats than I do! I know what a porthole is! Nice painting