Monday, 14 February 2011

Two Rivers watercolour paper

Misty Morning, Derwentwater watercolour by Jane Ward

With grey skies opening to reveal snow topped mountains, but heavy rain most of the day, it was a day for some indoor work. Firstly I wanted to see how a stretched piece of Two Rivers paper would react, but what to paint!! So out with the sketchbook and back to 14th August 08 and another rainy day, this time a warmer one than today. I sat on the edge of Derwentwater at Friars Crag looking towards the 'Jaws of Borrowdale'. I found it exciting and challenging to only have the sketchbook for reference and it made me realise 'I must get out into the great Outdoors more often, even when it is storming weather.
The next problem was which Blue!!! It was much more a Stormy Ultramarine day than Sunny Cobalt.
How did the paper behave? Well very different to my beloved Arches, much more slippery and the paint sat on top of the paper for quite a long time, But this did lead to some exciting if not worrying granulation and a couple of cauliflower's thrown in! A bonus been it did take out colour very well!
So overall a lovely homemade watercolour paper, but one you can't take for granted.

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