Tuesday, 1 February 2011

A day in Pisogne on Lake Iseo

A view of Pisogne on Lake Iseo

I've an exhibition coming up at the end of July which is going to be just Italian Lakes, so I thought today I'd try an Acrylic of this view. Last June we spent a lovely day there painting, arriving by Train which was very exciting! Well it is when your leading the way with 8 other students, and getting off at the right stop, but we managed extremely well. Lucky for me my fellow artists were seasoned travellers. After a cappuccino to take in the view and figure out what colours would be needed, it was time to set up camp, making sure we all had some shade or good sunblock, it was a glorious  warm sunny day. One of things I love about painting en plein is watching and hearing what goes on around you all day. We heard the train coming along each hour, whistles blowing and the Launch brought new sightseers along for Lunch. While many cyclists just stopped for a well earned rest and to take in the view. It really was a beautiful day.
If you fancy coming in August to Lake Iseo I still have some places, and I'm sure a visit to Pisogne.


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