Friday, 18 February 2011

Latest Lake District Monster sightenings

It's been a mad day today in Keswick, trying to get organised for this weekends Watercolour Course, my poor art room looks like a 'picture bomb' has gone off with painting's scattered everywhere. The wretched Friars Crag painting has beaten me once again, so that's 2 paintings this week that Will be getting jumped up and down on to relieve the art stress!! BUT I'll be back for more next week, different tactics will be used on Wretched Friars Crag!!

And so with the local news of Keswick town today

1. The Electric supply is down in half the town so 2 of the banks, pubs and more importantly coffee shops are shut.
2. I saw Laura Bicker from BBC  on the shores of Derwentwater, what was she reporting I wonder!!!
3. Have we got a Bownessie monster in the Lake too and what would it be called  ' Jaws' ( of Borrowdale)

If your thinking that I've gone slightly mad check out the Bownessie link above

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Kay said...

How exciting!!! I love monster sightings stories. I am a fan of Big Foot and really hope the hairy one does exist! Have fun.