Sunday, 27 February 2011

Ways to be inspired

A new fish tank this week for Spike, Jaws and Patch. Poor fish have have had to adjust, I never thought when we bought our rectangle tank, that the fish had only been used to a bowl. You might wonder what the problem was? Sides and corners, don't laugh but they kept crashing into the sides, back and forwards they went!! Here's spike about to hit the side again!!

Decided to do a quick sketch down at the Launch, it was rather chilly and the sun disappeared but it all came good when the cloud opened and the light came flooding onto the side of Causey Pike. I've not felt too inspired lately, I think the grey weather's been the problem, but realised I just need to get out and see inspiration.
 I've been watching  and enjoying the John Myatt programmes on sky arts, another great way to get inspired.
Nipped into Heaton Cooper studio this afternoon and picked up a piece of Fabriano extra white paper,  a good look around at Alfred Heaton Cooper original paintings and again felt inspired.
Now what shall I do with this Extra white!

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Kay said...

very funny post with the fish..I love goldfish and need to get some more..I would really like to get a super aquarium and stand so they don't have to be on my counter. Enjoy the new paper!!!