Thursday, 10 February 2011

A shopping list of inspiration

Notice the walking sign, think you may need a dingy, the view across to the Chinese Bridge along the duckboards!! Which are well underwater

Grange in Borrowdale today, I watched a programme on Sky Arts this week about painting en plein. So with the sun shinning after a few damp miserable days, I couldn't wait to get out on location, with the bag packed with watercolours, camera, coffee to help keep warm and a tasty sandwich from 'Good taste cafe' a delightful few hours were in store.

I Sat and studied the view, a sketch to figure out what to put in and more importantly Leave out! Minutes spent figuring out colours 'Raw Umber' was going to keep Permanent Rose company and I couldn't decide which Blue Cobalt for coolness, but it wouldn't be Zappy  in those evergreen darks! So maybe Winsor Blue!The light does change but on days without clouds it's much more subtle.

I have a large sketch ready for study work, with ideas wrote down like a shopping list and full of inspiration for a great finished painting!! If only it was that easy!!!"

Can you believe the colour of the river, this is one of my favourite spots to sit and admire the clean waters of Borrowdale.

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Dave from Keswick said...

Great photos as usual Jane and the colour you've capture on disc is beautiful. I'm looking forward to your seeing your latest creations.