Monday, 27 July 2009

Happy Birthday Blog

Today as been a mad day!! my camera broke when we went to Italy, and today I've had a right old argument with the Insurance company, I hate any friction but sometimes you do feel like you have to stand up for yourself!! so what with been kept waiting on a phone to repetitive music for 40 minutes when I wanted to paint something magical for Blogs 1st birthday. But I did manage to get down to our local art shop which unfortunately is having a closing down sale and treated blog to some wonderful Unison pastels in all sorts of shades so watch out hopefully tomorrow for some pastel action!! But here is one I did earlier!

Buttermere from Gable

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our shabby cottage said...

Oh, Jane, this is just beautiful, I feel like I'm there again! Your paintings conguer up such emotion for me. I hope you get things sorted with your insurance co. Happy Birthday Blog!