Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Unison Pastels demonstrated by Jane Ward

Here are my wonderful Unison pastels, that I bought yesterday, it's a shame to use them really!
But I couldn't wait to get my grubby pastel fingers on them, What to paint was the next question. I had thought Grasmere and was going to use one of the watercolours that I did last week. Rydal Water caught my attention, I've never really painted this view that I was pleased with! So with a watercolour that painted last week on site and some photo's that I took in November off we went. It was lovely getting the easel out and attaching some glass paper to a board, it's ages since I've worked with pastels and with those new shades winking it was a joy to work in the conservatory with the rain pounding on the roof, oh July weather!!

1st Stage2nd Stage

3rd Stage
This is where I have got to today, an artist friend laughs at the way I paint pastels teasing me about starting in the top left hand corner and working down and finishing in the bottom right.
Not sure if I will finish it tomorrow but I hope to this week so keep watching.


our shabby cottage said...

Well I think it looks amazing no matter what technique you use Jane!

jane ward said...

Hey Kathryn, thanks for your comments look forward to finishing the bottom corner!