Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Painting at Goody Bridge in Grasmere

This is a photo and a painting all in one of where we made our 1st base camp for my watercolour course in Grasmere. I called the course 'painting en plein' thinking that the weather in July should be perfect! Yesterday was pretty good, we where out of a cool breeze and the light on the bridge and post box were magical. I love the old steps and wonder how long they've been there. A few people went by on the route up Easedale Tarn one couple were quite amazed at what we had painted.They had stopped to chat on the start of their walk, we were just starting sketching and they returned from their long walk just as we were putting our last brushstrokes down.
Today has been a little different low cloud and horizontal rain. So I demonstrated trees, mist and water all from a nice dry studio. But tomorrow could see Umbrella painting!!

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d40 said...

interesting subject you've found there, Jane. We have crossed thaat bridge a few times. The flag stones and stream always look so photogenic. The painting looks very interesting.