Monday, 13 July 2009

How to paint mist in watercolour.

Out of the mist
I've been figuring out how to paint mist for along time in watercolours. I don't like using tissue to take out colour mainly because I think it takes out all of the colour and mist is a colour! So today I was feeling brave and with watercolour in one hand and a water spray in another off we went. I constantly kept changing the water pot ensuring it was always clean. I didn't mix many colours together keeping them pure and letting them mix themselves on the paper. At one point I was concentrating so much I nearly drunk the water pot instead of my cup of tea!!!


Teresa said...

It's beautiful. Love the contrast of the sharp peaks and the soft, wispy mist.

jane ward said...

Hi Teresa, Many thanks for your comments, I'm really pleased with it myself just about to pop it in it's frame.