Monday, 5 January 2015

Get Inspired to paint watercolours

Winter stream.
This beautiful scene caught my eye and I think it will make an interesting subject to paint.
Where to start? The background a wet in wet wash, maybe a touch of masking fluid in the stream to help to show the direction of the water. Trees painted with a sponge and rigger brush. Lemon Yellow could work for the cool winter grass!!!
Do you start the New Year wondering what to paint, is the blank canvas still blank?
 Grey January days don't always help gain inspiration.
Would you like to paint a view like this but no idea where to start.
No evening or day classes nearby.
Why not join my Online Watercolour course
Six projects in each course with step by step instructions and lots of personal feedback when you get stuck or just have any watercolour questions.
The price is £55.00 which includes sketches,
colour tags for each project and a material list to get you started.
Course One Ideal for Beginners or those getting back into painting.
Price £55.00
Windermere Sunset Course One
Course Two More challenging subjects and new tips along the way.
Price £55.00
Buttermere Course Two

Course Three Ideal  if you are wanting to paint colourful Mediterranean
or Alpine scenes suitable for Intermediate Price £75.00

French Doorway Course Three


Some recent reviews from Online students

Only one more project and I will have completed the course. I have enjoyed it and I have found the techniques and information very helpful. The Sistine chapel next !!! Chris
I do feel through doing these tutorials I am learning things I may not have persevered with so much if I didn't have to send them to you for comment!
Many thanks for you help. Barbara
Yes this course I like very much because every single picture is a challenge on its own and stretches me a bit further.  Maria
 This is going to be a real challenge, all those reflections, masking fluid and Winsor blue also painting from a photo will be great, makes me feel I'm progressing and will soon be able to paint better pictures. Thanks again Margaret
I must admit that I am very impressed with your courses; they are far superior to other courses Keith
Thanks Jane!  I've gotten many nice comments on facebook from my friends.  I think I've inspired several to take up the brush - especially since we are all retirement age. They say "wish I could do that" and of course I reply "you absolutely could!".. I feel more confident and less scared of the white paper. 
I feel that your course has given me some skills/tips I can build on - with lots of practice!  I've been very pleased with your course and I think it is great value for the fee. Susan
 Determined to have a go at painting the sheep but, as you can see, I need to practice more!!  That's one of  the really good things about your course, each project provides something new to tackle and practice with determination to get better.  I added a few birds to compensate for the not so brilliant sheep! Neil

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